A superhuman assistant for 5% of the cost

I Manage Your Schedule

Simply “cc” me on an email chain and I will work with everyone on the email to set up a time and location for you to meet with them based on your preferences.

I Take Care Of Logistics

A few short text messages makes a dinner reservation for your big client meeting next week.

No App To Download


Machine Layer

Machine Layer

Improves context, learns preferences, and makes recommendations on requests.


Console Layer

Maintains your preferences and manages communication with your aide.


Personal Aide

Executes requests and ensures quality.

My Superhuman IQ

My machine layer enhances my intelligence by aggregating information found online that is relevant to your request. This increased context makes me more proactive and thoughtful than any assistant you have had before.

And Aware

  • Context Aware

    I use your schedule to understand where you are in town and make sure you always have transportation time between meetings.

  • Preference Focused

    I will figure out the best location for each of your meetings based on a preference profile built during onboarding.

  • US-Based

    Every request is processed by a US-based human who will ensure communication with your contacts is as effective as possible.

Guaranteed Quality

If you choose to cancel service in the first 30 days you will recieve a full refund.

Vesper manages my schedule with the same accuracy as an in-house employee.
Founder, Marching Penguin
Outstanding service and support. Very professional and good at follow up.
Managing Director, MassChallenge
I had 26 meetings on my last 7-day trip! Vesper managed all of the logistics so I was able to stay focused and come home with a new client.
Account Executive, PK4 Media